Open Door Project

Working Groups

Our conversations with faculty, staff, and students have helped us to identify the following priority areas that we want to focus on during 2016-17:

  • Improving Classroom Climate/Becoming Effective Allies for Underrepresented Minority Students
  • Expanding Curricular Offerings

In order to engage the largest number of participants and to generate the broadest range of creative and innovative tactics, we’ve created two year-long working groups consisting of a combination of faculty, staff, and students;  we're providing both of them with administrative support and staff resources; and, charged them with identifying and implementing tactics that would support their overarching objective. Through the generosity of the Provost's Year of Diversity committee, we're able to offer each working group a budget with which to fund their proposed plans.

Both of the groups are being co-facilitated by a faculty or staff member partnered with a student. These leaders will put together a list of tactics with concrete outcomes to address the core issue their group has committed themselves to for the year.  

At the end of the academic year, the Dietrich School will host a culminating lunch event so that the three groups can reconvene, report on their successes and challenges, make recommendations for future working group topics, and offer suggestions for ways to improve the overall initiative.

Faculty, staff, and students of the Dietrich School who would like to participate in one of the working groups can contact Jessica Hatherill for more information.