Open Door Project

Curiosity Dialogues: Making Connections in Spite of Our Differences (THIS SESSION IS NOW CLOSED)


March 22, 2018 -
12:00pm to 2:00pm

Curiosity can be born out of fear and trepidation while it can also come from a desire to connect and find commonalities. How are these intertwined? People may be afraid but also want to know and share. We fear, but we are wired to want to connect. 

We will offer a two-hour discussion-based program where participants will dig into their own experiences, listen deeply to others, and reflect on experiences of being othered. Facilitators will foster an environment where we explore social identities and how we perceive ourselves and one another. This discussion will create a space where we come to inhabit transdisciplinary terrain in the humanities and social sciences. 

This session is part of the Dietrich School’s Open Door Project “Community Conversations” Series co-sponsored by the University Library System’s Curiosity Discussion Series and the Intergroup Dialogue Collaborative, and supported with a generous grant from the Humanities Center.

Location and Address

Hillman Library, Amy Knapp Room (G74)

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