Open Door Project

Community Conversation

Art as Activism: Excerpts from Khūrākī

Commissioned by the Office of Public Art as part of their Artists in Residence programs, Khūrākī (“eat” or “meal” in the Afghan language Dari) celebrates the beauty of Afghan culture through “theatrical portraits” of strong women who will forever be Afghan but have recently become Americans as well. What do they miss about their homeland? What have they been able to preserve in the flight from home–in their traditions and in their hearts? What do they hope to cultivate here in this country? And what do they want you to know about the beautiful land where they were born?

Combating Food Insecurity


Food, housing, and wellness security are all essential in ensuring that our students are mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy as well as successful in their studies. And yet a 2018 survey conducted by researchers at Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab indicated that 36 percent of college students say they are food insecure.

How can the University community compassionately respond to students who are unable to meet their basic needs?

What is Immigrant Justice and Why Do We Need It?


Gain a better understanding of the current political climate. Understand what options immigrants have to come to the United States. Learn struggles immigrants face once they are here in the United States and discuss ways to support immigrant justice work.

The session will be facilitated by Monica Ruiz, Executive Director of Casa San Jose, a community resource center that advocates for and empowers Latinos by promoting integration and self-sufficiency.

Creating Compassion Through Deep Listening and Shared Humanity

“People fail to get along because they fear each other. They fear each other because they don’t know each other. They don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.


What do you wish people knew about you and why do you think they don't yet? And how can we get beyond our fears to truly be “in relationship” with others?