Open Door Project

Community Conversations

The Dietrich School will engage internal and external experts to facilitate meaningful, productive, campus-wide conversations on several important topics of diversity and inclusion. These conversations will be hosted at various locations on campus with scheduling and presenters TBD throughout the year. 

Upcoming Events

2:00 pm
empty classroom

Strengthening Our Safety Net for Students

In this interactive session, students, faculty, staff, and alumni who were first-generation college students will discuss the challenges they faced and how their socio-economic status limited their ability to fully participate in campus life. Then, based on the issues identified, attendees will discuss ways to both identify and promote existing services, and create new resources to help fill the gaps.

3:00 pm
people on a seesaw, showing imbalance

The Power of Privilege: An Interactive Diversity Workshop

How societies manage differences (of race-ethnicity, gender and sexuality, age, class, ability, and so forth) lead to varied systems of privilege or oppression. Learn more about these concepts, connect their significance to your own life and experiences, and expand your awareness of other perspectives on these issues.