Open Door Project

Community Conversations

The Dietrich School will engage internal and external experts to facilitate meaningful, productive, campus-wide conversations on several important topics of diversity and inclusion. These conversations will be hosted at various locations on campus with scheduling and presenters TBD throughout the year. 

Upcoming Events

1:30 pm
dollar bills

The Matter of Money featuring Patricia Boswell

How do factors such as generational learning, relational styles, and emotional expression define and impact our experience with money? And how can we move beyond our experiences to best support our economically disadvantaged students?

2:00 pm
Barbed wire

What is Immigrant Justice and Why Do We Need It?

Gain a better understanding of the current political climate. Understand what options immigrants have to come to the United States. Learn struggles immigrants face once they are here in the United States and discuss ways to support immigrant justice work.

1:00 pm
Cultural understanding

Curiosity Dialogues: Practicing Cultural Humility

How can we use critical self-reflection and ongoing personal development to cultivate empathy for others and challenge power imbalances, even when we’re the ones in power?

10:00 am
groceries and receipt

Combating Food Insecurity

How can the University community compassionately respond to students who are unable to meet their basic needs?

1:00 pm
Friends talking

Creating Compassion Through Deep Listening and Shared Humanity

What do you wish people knew about you and why do you think they don't yet? And how can we get beyond our fears to truly be “in relationship” with others?